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What is Physical Security?

Unlike electronic security,  which is concerned with the safety, integrity, and confidentially of  electronic information, physical security concentrates on measures that  must be taken to prevent theft, sabotage, vandalism, as well as  environmental issues such as temperature, fluid, or airflow, and to  provide a means of collecting, monitoring, alerting, and viewing issues  that arise.

Physical security is more  than locks.  Locks are great as a deterrent, but they offer no real  insight into the state of your physical security.  Who really used the  key, card swipe, or proximity sensor to access your building - the  rightful owner or someone else?  How many other people came into the  area when the door was opened?  Traditional means cannot answer these  questions - that's why you need a physical security solution  from PhySecure.

Why do I need Physical Security?

How important are your  physical assets?  What would happen if they were stolen or compromised?   As today's trend toward denser clusters of computers continues, the  need to monitor environmental items such as airflow and temperature  becomes critical.

Many companies have  invested heavily in electronic security through the purchase of  firewalls, intrusion detection systems, URL filters, etc.  While these  are essential devices, they represent only half the threat.  Gaining  physical access to your equipment, or having the ability to steal or  sabotage your equipment, eliminates the benefits of all the electronic  protection you've invested in.

How do I get Started?

We  start with an assessment -- where you are now and where you need to  be.  We work with you to determine your requirements.  We will install  and configure your solution, train your staff, and help you maintain  your system.  Contact us for a site visit and discussion about how we  can help you better secure your facility.

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327 Kirkwood Ave, Iowa City, IA 52240, US

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